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May Whiskey Lottery for Barrel Nation Customers


Get exclusive access to some of the mostly highly sought after allocated bottles through Barrel Nation. Every month we will release a limited number of allocated bottles to Barrel Nation patrons via a lottery with entries based on your qualifying purchases.

Earn 1 entry for every bottle of Store Picks or Barrel Nation Selected Single Barrel Whiskeys that you purchase.


A lottery ticket will be given for each store pick bottle purchased. At the end of the contest month we will draw 25 winners. Winners will have the opportunity to buy these coveted bottles or Empty Store Pick Barrel or ONE ENTRY for Barrel Nation Experience (Winner will win $25 in Barrel Nation merchandise and have the opportunity to participate in an upcoming single barrel pick selection. When delivered the winner will get the actual barrel and have the right to buy two bottles at cost.)

Last Month Lottery Winners

Current Month Whiskey Lottery Number

Whiskey Jackpot Bottle for the Current Month


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